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Moonshot Goal 7 Actualization of a cancer-free society through regulation of chronic inflammation



June 27, 2023
Kickoff Meeting was held.

Outline of P&D Project

(Nagoya University, Professor)

We will elucidate the mechanism of the inflammation-precancerous state-carcinogenesis transition and establish novel technologies to detect cancer-initiating cells at an ultra-early stage based on immune-genomic analysis. We will also work on preventive medicine and new drug discovery / development using wearable devices, etc. The Japan-U.S. team will strongly pursue this program to realize a "society with zero incidence of cancer".

P&D Project

Expected Breakthroughs by 2040

  • Elucidation of the mechanisms that determine the transition of inflammation - precancerous state - carcinogenesis, and predicting the risk of carcinogenesis induced by chronic inflammation for each individual by integrating mathematical modeling research based on large-scale cohort data.
  • Establishing a new platform for comprehensive immune-genomic analysis to detect the emergence of cancer-initiating cells as well as changes of intra- and intercellular networks at an extremely early stage.
  • Development of a novel in vivo monitoring system using easily collected specimens to optimize when and to whom medical intervention require, thereby realizing prevention and ultra-early preemptive medicine.